Here is their current lineup of crummy models brought to you straight from AI Malcontent.  Should you, in poor taste and judgement, decide to defile your Flight Simulator with this rubbish, seek the download links by clicking on the Aircraft model name text just left of the model image you desire.  Please bear in mind that the models offered here are the most atrocious available for Flight Simulator and the downloader assumes full responsibility for installing and using these models.  In other words, I am not responsible for your flightsimming experience being destroyed by these unsightly, repugnant AI models.  You will also find equally distasteful repaints if you follow the repaints link.


McDonnell Douglas KDC10-30

McDonnell Douglas KC10-A

Boeing 767-200Boeing_767-200.html


Embraer ERJ-145XR
The way it should have been built from the beginningEmbraer_ERJ-145XR.html
Embraer ERJ-145Embraer_ERJ-145.html
Embraer ERJ-140Embraer_ERJ-140.html


McDonnell Douglas DC10-10McDonnell_Douglas_DC10-10.html
McDonnell Douglas DC10-10
Fruit Stand Bomber McDonnell_Douglas_Tanker.html

McDonnell Douglas DC10-30

Turbo Charged Fruit Stand Bomber

McDonnell Douglas DC10-30

Embraer ERJ-135Embraer_ERJ-135.html